Myril Jewels

Founded by the creative director Lisa Tedeschini, Myril Jewels is a woman led brand which aims to create an aesthetic of sophisticated futuristic avantgarde in a continuos stylistic evolution. 

All jewelry and accessories are designed and handmade in Italy.

The passion for creative processes is an essential stimulus for the continuous growth of the brand. Through research and collaboration with artists from different sectors, the brand experiences the changing reality with clear dynamism and with attention to the needs of customers and the world around us.


Myril Jewels firmly believes that the respect for our world must be a central focus in a business. That's why each piece is made on request and in limited quantity only, without ready to ship stock. In this way it is possible to reduce unnecessary wastes and to give value to each and every piece.

The packaging is mostly made out of cardboard and paper.

Myril Jewels works with unallergic metals as a respect sign for the customers, and most of all with Stainless Steel, which is the best choice for eco-sustainability. This metal has an high recyclability percentage and there's no loss of its quality once recycled. It means that each new stainless steel product has the same quality as a "new" product.

Lisa Tedeschini

Lisa Tedeschini is an italian Jewelry and Fashion Designer as well as Fashion Stylist, passionate about avant-gardes, art and innovation.
At the age of 16 she started giving life and shape to her passion and personal project: making statement and sculptural jewelry and accessories.
In 2018, after graduating in Fashion Design with a Master in Patter-Making and Pattern-Sewing, Lisa Tedeschini presented her first clothing and accessory collection of the brand Myril.


Myril Jewels believes in the collaboration with creatives from all over the world to communicate new messages in different ways and to create synergy between different visual arts. An open mindset is what drives the creative director in starting new innovative paths. 


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