Myril Jewels

Myril Jewels, a beacon of innovative design in the world of jewelry, was brought to life by the visionary creative director Lisa Tedeschini.

As a woman-led brand, Myril Jewels stands at the forefront of creating sophisticated, futuristic avant-garde aesthetics, continuously evolving in style.

This unique brand is deeply rooted in a dark and gothic sensibility, offering designs that are not only timeless but also handmade in Italy, ensuring unparalleled craftsmanship.


Sustainability is a cornerstone of Myril Jewels' philosophy. The brand is committed to respecting our world, a principle evident in every piece they create.

By making each item on request and in limited quantities, Myril Jewels not only minimizes waste but also emphasizes the value of each creation.

The choice of unallergic metals, with a focus on Stainless Steel, underlines the brand's dedication to eco-sustainability and customer care. Stainless Steel's high recyclability and quality retention make it an ideal choice for Myril Jewels, embodying the brand's commitment to both the environment and enduring quality.

Lisa Tedeschini

Lisa Tedeschini, an Italian Jewelry and Fashion Designer, is the driving force behind Myril Jewels.

Her journey into the realm of design began at the tender age of 16 when she started to give life and shape to her passion through making statement and sculptural jewelry and accessories.

After completing her education in Fashion Design, with a Master in Pattern-Making and Pattern-Sewing, Lisa Tedeschini launched her first clothing and accessory collection under the Myril brand in 2018.

Her passion for avant-gardes, art, and innovation has been a constant source of inspiration, fueling the brand's growth and evolution.

A portrait of Lisa Tedeschini wearing long black full finger claw rings


Collaboration is at the heart of Myril Jewels' ethos. The brand cherishes its partnerships with creatives from across the globe, striving to communicate new messages through various forms of visual art.

This open mindset has paved the way for innovative paths and synergies between different artistic expressions. Myril Jewels' designs have been worn by international talents like Ghali, Achille Lauro, Rosa Chemical, Cristina Scabbia, and Boss Doms.

Furthermore, the brand has been featured in prestigious publications, including L'Officiel Baltic, L'Officiel Singapore, Vogue Portugal, and Harper’s Bazaar Qatar, among others.


Through its dedication to creative processes, sustainability, and collaborative efforts, Myril Jewels continues to redefine the boundaries of jewelry design. Under Lisa Tedeschini's guidance, the brand remains a symbol of stylistic evolution, where each piece tells a story of art, innovation, and respect for our planet.


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