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Full Hand Armor with Long Claws LOFN

Full Hand Armor with Long Claws LOFN

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Filigree metal glove with claw rings that fully cover the hand.

  • All claws, rings and bracelet are fully adjustableSizing info here
  • Made of anallergic metal alloy.

NOTE: Please add a note at checkout writing if you prefer to receive it for the left or right hand. If not specifiedyou'll receive the one for the LEFT HAND.

Unleash your inner goth with Myril Jewels' black lace finger armor rings. Handcrafted for the modern witchcore, punk, and neo-gothic enthusiasts, these rings are perfect for making a bold statement this Halloween.

Bring your looks to the next level. 
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Absolutely stunning with exceptional customer service!

The customer service was absolutely perfect. I had an artist cancel on me and she send these babies to me in record time with all the best advises!
Can't recommend her enough!

The claws itself were so gorgeous! Easy to adjust and only a bit restricting in the movement.
All the rings are closed perfectly and not a single sharp edge could be found. The metal is high gloss and without any blemishes or any glue remains.
They feel extremely sturdy.

Adrian Cebeńko

My partner was really happy with it. Looks exactly like in the picture and even the packaging is really neat and come with the instructions on how to adjust the size. Only problem was that my partner’s hand are quite small so it was difficult to make it fitting for theirs hands (and unfortunately in some places they are still a little bit loose) but accept that little issue everything was great and worth the money

Kristin Starkey

Perfect. Love the length of this claw and the craftsmanship is excellent. The whimsy-ness of it lends itself really well to a stage show for a band with fantasy elements!