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Finger Claw Rings RAKE

Finger Claw Rings RAKE

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Filigree Claw Rings connected with chains.

  • All claws and rings are fully adjustable and one size. Sizing info here
  • Made of anallergic metal alloy.

Available in sets of:

One Ring: one full finger ring composed by claw and double ring;
- One Hand: consisting of 1 full finger ring with claws, and 4 single claws (plus 1 backup claw);
- Both Hands: for both hands, consisting of 2 full finger rings with claws, and 8 single claws (plus 2 backup claws).

NOTE: Single claws are not connected to rings, they may fall and be lost, for this reason you will receive backup claws. You will receive 1 backup claw per set of 5; and 2 backup claws per set of 10.

This dark nail jewelry is perfect for cocktails, parties, fashion editorials, music videos, costumes/cosplay, halloween and drag queens.

Bring your looks to the next level. 
Myril Jewels makes exclusive designs for exceptional people just like you!

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